Thursday, March 1, 2007

Who says TV isn't Art

I know you have been asked, but have you come up with a plan for the inevitable increase in Custom Framing for Flat Screen TVs.

Talking with my fellow framers all over the Baltimore / DC / Richmond areas, I have found a 25% increase in shops that have done at least 1 such job, along with a 45% increase in customer inquiries. These numbers will continue to rise as prices of the TVs continue to fall, with many under a $1000.

Our job as Custom Picture Framers is to inform customers that Framing is an option, much like the way we have to remind people that we do mirrors.

If possible, go out and buy a TV to frame for your shop, especially if you already have the Picture-it-first Set up. You could also do something as simple as frame your flat screen Computer monitor.

Another option would be to partner with your local High End Audio/Video store, and frame a TV in their shop. This would be a win/win, as this could help them sell tvs, as well as letting their customers know about your shop. You would also take pictures of the framed TV to display in your shop, as well as to put on mailers and coupons.

Always remember too, that CMI gives a generous 20% discount on moulding to be used in Display.

God bless,